Winnipeg(WI-NI-PEG) is the capital and largest city in the province of Canada known as Manitoba. Winnipeg is also Canada's 8th largest city. The name Winnipeg comes from Lake Winnipeg nearby. The French people set up a trading post here in 1738 A.D. In 1812 A.D the city became known as Winnipeg, Manitoba. Winnipeg is a transportation and economic center in Canada. Like the rest of Canada, the people of Winnipeg celebrate Canada Day. Winnipeg has an NHL team known as the Winnipeg Jets.


Winnipeg is an sports center in Canada. Winnipeg's NHL team is known as the Winnipeg Jets and it's Canadian football team is the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. The Jets play at MTS Center. The Winnipeg Blues are a hockey team in Manitoba's Junior Hockey League. In 2017 Winnipeg has been chosen to host the Canada games.


Winnipeg has offered public transit since the year 1882 A.D. On it's streets Winnipeg now has diesel buses. Winnipeg also has Via Rail connecting to Vancouver, British Columbia,Calgary, Alberta and Toronto, Ontario. Winnipeg is the only city between Vancouver, British Columbia and Toronto, Ontario that has direct rail connections to the United States. Winnipeg is also served by an international airport and a bus terminal. In the airport Air Canada offers service to Montreal, Quebec, Toronto, Ontario,Vancouver, British Columbia,Calgary, Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta,Ottawa, Ontario and Regina, Saskatchewan. Other airlines such as United and Delta go to places such as Chicago U.S and Minneapolis U.S. Some airlines even go to Mexico while WestJet provides service to Calgary, Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, London, Ontario and Toronto, Ontario.


Winnipeg is located 580 km(350 miles) east of Regina, Saskatchewan, 1,250 km(770 miles) southeast of Calgary, Alberta, 1,350 kilometers(830 miles) southeast of Edmonton, Alberta, 2,090 kilometers(1,260 miles) northwest of Toronto, Ontario,2,300 kilometers(1,430 miles) northwest of Montreal, Quebec and 1,900 kilometers(1,180 miles) northeast of Vancouver, British Columbia.

Driving Time

Regina: About 5 1/2 hours, Calgary: About 12 1/2 hours, Edmonton: About 13 1/2 hours, Toronto: About 23 hours, Montreal: About 30 hours, Vancouver: About 21 hours.