West Vancouver Municipal Transit (WVMT) is a city public transit bus company in West Vancouver, British Columbia. It is under a contract with TransLink, the main public transportation company in Metro Vancouver. WVMT was founded in 1912.

Routes Edit

West Vancouver Municipal Transit operates 12 bus routes, providing connections between places like Horseshoe Bay, Park Royal Shopping Centre, and Downtown Vancouver:

Fleet Edit

Active Fleet Edit

Fleet Number Year Manufacturer Notes
971 1996 New Flyer Ex-TransLink 7198
990-998 1999 New Flyer 990 is ex-TransLink 7299

992 & 993 retired

701-706 2007 NovaBus 703-706 is ex-TransLink 9601-9604
712-714 2007 New Flyer Ex-TransLink 8102-8104
801-803 2008 NovaBus
901-909 2009 NovaBus
1201-1217 2012 New Flyer
1601-1605 2016 New Flyer


2013 Chevrolet

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