Vancouver International Airport (YVR) is the main airport for Metro Vancouver. It is the second most used airport in Canada, and is located on Sea Island of Richmond. It serves around 60 passenger airlines from around the world, as well as cargo. YVR received over 20 million passengers in 2015.

History Edit

YVR's land was purchased by Vancouver in 1929 to be used for aviation, and was used in World War II as a training base. There are two terminals, the main terminal was built in 1968 and the older terminal, now known as the south terminal, was built between 1930-1945.

Transportation Edit

The Canada Line is a light rail line that connects the airport and Richmond with Waterfront in Downtown Vancouver through Cambie Street. It operates from 4:48am to 1:05am, with a bus, the N10 Nightbus, operating through the later hours.

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