Regina is the capital of and second largest city in Saskatchewan, named after Queen Victoria in 1882 (Regina means queen in Latin). Regina is about 580 kilometers (350 miles) west of Winnipeg, Manitoba, 840 km (520 miles) southeast of Calgary, Alberta and 880 km (548 miles) southeast of Edmonton, Alberta. Regina was established in 1882 as the capital of Saskatchewan, and was the largest city in the province at the time; although its population was surpassed by Saskatoon in 1883.


Regina features the Regina Science Center, which includes and IMAX theatre.

Regina International Airport Edit

Regina International Airport is located 7 km (4.5 miles) southwest of downtown Regina with Air Canada flying to Toronto, Ontario, Calgary, Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Vancouver, British Columbia and Winnipeg, Manitoba with WestJet flying to Calgary, Alberta and Las Vegas, U.S.A.

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