Autoroute 40

Total Length





Ontario, at ON 417
Beauport, at Route 138/368

QB Highways


Trans-Canada Highway

ON 417------------------------------------------A-25

Autoroute 40 is one of the Autoroutes, a series of freeways around the province of Quebec. It is 347km long, and connects Ottawa, Ontario with the capital city of Quebec, Quebec City. It is part of the Trans-Canada Highway from the Ontario-Quebec border to Montreal. The section through Montreal is the second-busiest highway in Canada, behind Ontario Highway 401.

Route DetailsEdit

Ontario to MontrealEdit

Autoroute 40 starts at the Ontario-Quebec border just east of Ottawa, as a continuation of Ontario Highway 417. It immediately intersects with Route 342. It bypasses Rigaud and Saint-Lazare before arriving in Vaudreuil-Dorion, where it meets Autoroute 30. It then crosses a bridge into the city of Montreal.

City of MontrealEdit

Shortly after entering Montreal, Autoroute 40 reaches an interchange with Autoroute 13, near Pierre Trudeau International Airport. Just east of here, it reaches the eastern terminus of Autoroute 520, and then continues east through two interchanges with Autoroute 15, and an interchange with Autoroute 19. It then continues northeast by Route 125 to an interchange with Autoroute 25 in Anjou. Here, The Trans-Canada Highway leaves Autoroute 40 and begins to follow Autoroute 25.


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