Route 1
Trans-Canada Highway

Total Length



New Brunswick (Confederation Bridge) at NB 16
Northumberland Ferries Terminal in Wood Islands

PE Highways

PE 358-------------------------PE 1A

Trans-Canada Highway

NB 16-------------------------NS 106

Route 1 is the Prince Edward Island section of the Trans-Canada Highway. It is 120km long, and connects with New Brunswick Route 16 via Confederation Bridge, as well as Nova Scotia Highway 106 via Northumberland Ferries.

Route DetailsEdit

Route 2 starts on Confederation Bridge as a continuation of New Brunswick Route 16. Upon crossing the bridge, it immediately passes through Borden-Carlton, then goes northeast to an interchange with Route 112. It then travels southeast through the township of Lot 28, which includes the unincorporated settlement of Tryon. En route here, it goes through junctions with Routes 115, 232, 10, and [[Prince Edward Island Route 116|116]. From Tryon, Route 1 goes southeast to a junction with Route 231 in Crapaud. Southeast of here, Route 1 goes through the Township of Lot 29 to Hampton. It then goes southeast through DeSable, Bonshaw, Churchill, and Clyde River to Cornwall. From here, it goes just northeast to the capital city of Charlottetown.

Upon entering Charlottetown, Route 2 turns left to start following Upton Road as the Charlottetown Perimetre Highway. It follows this route around the city (hence Perimetre Highway). It then crosses out of Charlottetown into Stratford via the Hillsborough River Bridge. From here, it goes relatively south, through Eldon, to its terminus at the Northumberland Ferries terminal in Wood Islands, which connects with Highway 106 in Nova Scotia across the Northumberland Strait.


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