Highway 1 in the Northwest Territories is one of eight highways through the Territory. Because of the territory it travels through, it hardly passes through any towns at all. It is part of the Mackenzie Highway, which starts in Alberta.

Route DetailsEdit

Highway 1 starts at the Alberta-Northwest Territories border, where it continues south into the province as Alberta Highway 35.

It goes north a long way until it reaches a junction with Highway 3, which provides access to the capital city Yellowknife. From here, it goes west to a junction with Highway 7, which leads south to British Columbia.

North of the Highway 7 junction, Highway 1 reaches the Liard River, at which point it takes a ferry in the summer, or Ice Bridge in the winter, to the other side. From here, it continues northwest to the town of Fort Simpson. It then proceeds northwest, across the N'Dulee ferry crossing, to the town of Wrigley, where it terminates.

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