NightBus is a public transit service provided in Metro Vancouver, during the late nights and early mornings on major routes. It is operated by TransLink, the main transportation agency in Metro Vancouver.

Current Routes Edit

There are currently 10 NightBus routes operating seven days a week, at 30 minutes or better:

Discontinued Routes Edit

Two routes were discontinued in April 2016 due to extremely low ridership:

Service History Edit

Pre-2001 - NightBus known as "Owl Services"

October 2001 - All Owl Services discontinued due to funding shortfall

2003 - NightBus services brought back, N6 introduced

2004 - N8, N10, N15, N20, N22 introduced

2013 - N24 diverted from Upper Lonsdale to Lynn Valley Centre

2016 - N6 and N16 discontinued, N8 and N20 extended to Marine Drive Station, N22 revised

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