The New Democratic Party is a major political party in Canada. It is currently lead by Thomas Mulcair, who was officially elected leader on March 24, 2012, as the successor to Jack Layton, who had died the previous summer. They were the leader of the official opposition in 2011 for the first time.

Son leader est M. Thomas Mulcair, depuis 2013. Il est bilingue and an MP from Montréal.

Currently (2016), they have 44 seats out of 338. They lost over half their seats in the 2015 federal election.


Nouveau Parti Démocratique. Most NDP-MPs are from la belle Province (59). However the NPD did not contest the provincial election of April 2014.

In the 2015 federal election, NDP managed to retain 16 seats, making it the largest contingent out of 44 MPs. (Second is B.C.)


In the election in 2011 they won 104 seats. Currently (2014) they have 100 due to 3 defections. + One MP, Mrs. Olivia Chow, the Chinese-Canadian widow of Jack Layton, has resigned her seat of Toronto-Spadina (includes Little Italy) to fight Rob Ford in September's election for Mayor of Toronto.

The 3 defections are

1 - St-Maurice to Liberals.

2 - Thunder Bay to Independents then "Greens"

3 - Jonquiere to Bloc Quebecois.

They also form the government in Manitoba and Nova Scotia.


The party managed to retain 44 of about 100 seats. Ranging from 16 in Quebec to just one in Alberta. And none in the Maritimes, which went Liberal.

Currently there is speculation over whether Mr. Thomas Mulcair (Montreal, lawyer) can survive as party leader, given the loss of 56% of seats.

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