New Brunswick
Flag of New Brunswick

Capital City


Largest City

Saint John

Largest Metro Area

Greater Moncton


David Alward

Area (km²)

72,908 km2



Official Language(s)


New Brunswick/Nouveau Brunswick (NB) is one of the 3 maritime provinces.

It's Canada's only bilingual province. C'est la seule province bilingue. Or trilingual, if you include franglais.

Motto/devise (latin): Spem reduxit : He (i.e. NB) restores hope. (I.e. after the separation of the 13 colonies).


Conservateurs 42 - Libéraux 13 = 55 (as of 2013)


The original inhabitants were the Micmac, an Algonquin tribe whose language is related to the more numerous Cree and Ojibwa.

1534 The great French explorer, Jacques Cartier, reaches and names la Baie de Chaleur (Bay of Heat).

1867: One of the original 4 provinces at Confederation.

In August 2013 there was a tragedy in the French-speaking county of Restigouche, in the extreme north of NB. Ana African python escaped from its cage in a pet shop and strangled 2 brothers aged 5 and 7 who were sleeping in the building.               An expert suggested the snake may have been badly treated or neglected, as properly kept snakes are not aggressive, according to him.


Counties Edit

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