Nanaimo Station, viewed from Nanaimo Street

Nanaimo is a half elevated, half at-grade station on the Expo and Millennium lines of TransLink's SkyTrain rapid transit system, located in Vancouver. It opened in 1985.


Nanaimo Station is located on the intersection of Nanaimo Street and East 24th Avenue in Vancouver. It was built on a hill, so riders get treated to a lovely view of Downtown Vancouver. It is approximately 7 blocks north of the Kingsway and Nanaimo Street intersection.


Nanaimo Station serves the Expo Line branches of TransLink's SkyTrain rapid transit network, connecting the community to Surrey, Burnaby and Coquitlam. Since it is located in a mostly residential area, there are few businesses or places of interest nearby.

Nanaimo Station also serves the following TransLink bus routes:

Nanaimo StationEdit

Preceded by:


Expo Line to King George

Succeeded by:

29th Avenue

Preceded by:

Commercial-Broadway Station

Expo Line to Production Way-University

Succeeded by:

29th Avenue

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