Montréal-Trudeau International Airport(also known as Pierre Elliot Trudeau International Airport) is located 20 km south of Montreal, Quebec and is a hub for Air Canada. The airport was named after Pierre Elliot Trudeau, the 15th Prime Minister of Canada. The airport serves Montreal and it's metropolitan area. Trudeau is the buisiest airport in Quebec with 14.89 M passsengers in 2011. It is has border crossing patrol like seven other Canadian airports. It is one of the two airports in Canada with direct flights to 5 or more continents, the other being Lester B Pearson International Airport in Toronto, Ontario.

History Edit

Trudeau was established in the 1940's being so Montreal's-St Hubert Airport was no longer needed. During World War II, Trudeau and Pearson were used to launch aircraft into Britain showing Canada's help. In the 1960's the airport was renamed Montreal/Dorval International Airport. The government of Montreal, Quebec decided to make a new $30 million terminal that is the gateway to Europe and Asia. In 1975, Montreal-Mirabel Airport was opened with Dorval planning to be closed. Many flights into Canada had to make a stopover in Mirabel to refuel. However, in 1997 Mirabel was closed and Dorval was now Trudeau again in 2004.

Public Transport Edit

A public transit system in Montreal, Quebec has four buses serving Trudeau and it is within walking distance of Via Rail's Montreal International Airport station.

Rail shuttle to downtown Montreal Edit

A rail is planned to be built from Trudeau into Downtown Montreal, Quebec with a length of 24 km and it will cost $2.6 billion.

Terminals Edit

Trudeau has a domestic concourse for flyers flying only within Canada, a U.S terminal and an international terminal with about 46 gates in all.

Airport Lounges Edit

Air Canada: Maple Leaf Lounge

Air France/KLM: Air France/KLM lounge

Airlines and Destinations Edit

Aeromexico: Cancun, Mexico City

Air Algerie: Algiers

Air Canada: Brussels, Calgary International Airport, Edmonton, Frankfurt, Geneva, Halifax, London-Heathrow, Los Angeles, Ottawa, Paris-Charles De Gaulle,

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