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McAdam is a small village in southwestern New Brunswick on Route 4. McAdam is a rail town that has a magnificent train station and a picturesque lake. According to the last census the village has a population of 1,513.

History Edit

McAdam was founded and grew thanks to one sole reason, the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) and the majestic train station built in 1900. The jobs became some of the best-paying in the country for a short period of time until travel by rail slowed thereby affecting the industry. Eventually, the railway station was purchased by VIA Rail. Many people moved away looking for new work.

World War II Edit

During World War II, McAdam had one of the highest number of persons serving per capita. In 1943 four men were training over the skies of the village preparing to aid their country. However, for some reason, the plane crashed into a communications tower and fell into a water tank below. No one survived.

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