This is a list of numbered county roads in Renfrew County, Ontario.

County Road # Local Name(s) Western/Northern Terminus Eastern/Southern Terminus Settlements served Additional Notes
1 Madawaska Boulevard
Madawaska Street
Elgin Street West
River Road
County Road 4 City of Ottawa Road 29 (Dwyer Hill Road) Arnprior, Braeside, Sand Point
2 Daniel Street
White Lake Road
County Road 52 Madawaska Street, Arnprior Arnprior, White Lake
3 Usborne Street County Road 54 County Road 1 Braeside Usborne Street continues east of River Road
4 Storyland Road
Queen's Line
County Road 7 King's Highway 17 Chenaux
5 Stone Road Isabella Street, Douglas King's Highway 132 Douglas
6 Lochwinnoch Road
Gillan Road
O'Brien Road, Renfrew County Road 63 Renfrew
7 Foresters Falls Road King's Highway 17 Kohlsmith Road Foresters Falls
8 Cobden Road
Main Street
King's Highway 60 King's Highway 17 Cobden
9 Bulger Road King's Highway 41 King's Highway 60 Lake Dore
12 Westmeath Road County Road 21 County Road 50 Westmeath
13 Mountain Road King's Highway 41 King's Highway 17 Micksburg
14 Witt Road County Road 26 County Road 56 Alice Township Witt Road continues west to King's Highway 41
15 Division Street King's Highway 17 Elgin Street West, Arnprior Arnprior
16 Victoria Street Petawawa Boulevard, Petawawa Laurentian Drive, Petawawa Petawawa
19 Mud Lake Road
Boundary Road
Jean Avenue, Pembroke County Road 24 Pembroke
20 Castleford Road
Bruce Street
King's Highway 60 County Road 1 Renfrew
21 Beachburg Road County Road 40 County Road 7 Beachburg
22 Hyndford Road King's Highway 41 County Road 5 Hyndford
23 Highland Road County Road 2 Robertson Line (Lanark County limits) Waba continues as Lanark County Road 20 (Waba Road) and City of Ottawa Road 20 (Kinburn Sideroad) to Dunrobin Road
24 White Water Road King's Highway 41 County Road 40 Stafford Township, Pembroke Township
25 Laurentian Drive Victoria Street, Petawawa Gutzman Road Petawawa
26 Doran Road Petawawa Boulevard, Petawawa County Road 14 Petawawa
28 Barron Canyon Road Petawawa Township limits County Road 26 Petawawa Township
29 Drive-In Road
Mackay Street
Town Line Road
King's Highway 148 King's Highway 41 Pembroke
30 Lake Dore Road King's Highway 60 King's Highway 41 Golden Lake
31 Lookout Road County Road 12 County Road 49 Westmeath Township
34 Norton Road
Whelan Road
County Road 508 King's Highway 132 Admaston Township, Bagot Township
35 Jean Avenue Boundary Road, Pembroke TV Tower Road, Pembroke Pembroke
36 TV Tower Road County Road 42 County Road 58 Pembroke
37 Murphy Road King's Highway 17 Petawawa Boulevard, Petawawa Petawawa
40 Greenwood Road King's Highway 148 King's Highway 17 Greenwood
42 Forest Lea Road King's Highway 17 County Road 51 Pembroke, Forest Lea
45 Russett Drive
Campbell Drive
County Road 63 County Road 2 McNab Township
48 Magnesium Road County Road 653 County Road 4 Ross Township Magnesium Road continues to Kerr Line
49 La Passe Road County Road 21 County Road 50 La Passe La Passe Road continues north to Bromley Line
50 Gore Line Westmeath Road, Westmeath County Road 49 Westmeath, La Passe
51 Pembroke Street
Petawawa Boulevard
County Road 55 King's Highway 148 Pembroke, Petawawa
52 Raglan Street South
Burnstown Road
O'Brien Road, Renfrew County Road 2 Renfrew, Burnstown, White Lake
54 Maclean Drive King's Highway 17 County Road 3 Glasgow Station
55 Paquette Road King's Highway 17 County Road 51 Petawawa
56 Station Road County Road 14 King's Highway 41 Wilberforce Township
58 Round Lake Road
Bruham Avenue
Trafalgar Road
King's Highway 60 Pembroke Street West, Pembroke Pembroke, Alice, Bonnechere Provincial Park, Round Lake Centre
61 Haley Road
Godfrey Road
King's Highway 17 King's Highway 60 Haley Station
62 Combermere Road
John Street
Bay Street
King's Highway 60 Schweig Road (Hastings County limits) Barry's Bay, Combermere continues as Hastings County Road 62 (Peterson Colonization Road) to Maynooth
63 Flat Rapids Road
Stewartville Road
Miller Road
County Road 6 County Road 45 Stewartville
64 Opeongo Road County Road 512 King's Highway 41 Grattan Township, Sebastopol Township Opeongo Road continues in County Roads 512 and 66
65 Centennial Lake Road County Road 71 County Road 508 Brougham Township, Matawachan Township
66 Wilno South Road
Opeongo Road
King's Highway 60 County Road 512 Wilno Opeongo Road continues from junction to Highway 60 near Krezel Road
67 Simpson Pit Road County Road 58 King's Highway 60 Round Lake Centre, Hagarty Township
68 Rockingham Road
Letterkenny Road
County Road 515 County Road 512 Radcliffe Township, Brudenell Township Letterkenny Road continues south from junction to Quadeville
69 Siberia Road King's Highway 60 Hastings County limits Barry's Bay, Jones Township continues as Hastings County Road 69 (Kamaniskeg Lake Road) to Peterson Colonization Road
70 Ruby Road Queen Street, Killaloe King's Highway 60 Killaloe, South Algona Township, Golden Lake
71 Matawatchan Road King's Highway 41 County Road 65 Griffith, Camel Chute Matawatchan Road continues south to Vennachar
508 Calabogie Road County Road 65 King's Highway 17 Calabogie, Burnstown
511 Lanark Road County Road 508 Lanark County limits Calabogie continues as Lanark County Road 511 (Lanark Road) to Perth
512 Foymount Road
Opeongo Road
Brudenell Road
Queen Street
King's Highway 60 King's Highway 41 Killaloe, Lake Clear, Eganville
514 Schutt Road County Road 515 King's Highway 28 Raglan Township
515 Palmer Road
Quadeville Road
County Road 62 County Road 512 Combermere, Palmer Rapids, Quadeville
517 Dafoe Road County Road 62 Coulas Road (Hastings County limits) Combermere continues as Hastings County Road 517 to Boulter Road
635 Swisha Road Quebec border (Rapides-des-Joachims bridge) King's Highway 17 Rolphton
653 Chenaux Road King's Highway 17 Quebec border (Portage-du-Fort bridge) Haley Station, Chenaux

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