It's considered the worst storm of the century to hit Newfoundland and Labrador; Hurricane Igor. Hurricane Igor started, like all hurricanes in Canada, in the south with a tropical wave off the coast of Africa. Slowly but surely, Igor moved west, past the Bahamas, gaining strength to a Category 4 Hurricane with sustained winds of 250 km/h. Igor made a close approach to Bermuda doing about $0.5 Million in damage, but Newfoundland took the brunt of the storm with 145 km/h sustained winds, and the rains of Igor doing about $500,000,000 in damage to Newfoundland. St. Johns and the Avalon got the worst, because Igor made landfall in Cape Race, in the extreme southeast corner.

Incedentally, Igor was the strongest hurricane of the very active 2010 Atlantic Hurricane Season, and the widest of all time (1,485 km wide)

In spring 2011, the World Meteorological Association will decide if the name "Igor" is to be retired forever or not.

It won Storm of The Year on The Weather Network.