The Cfl, or LCF (Ligue canadienne de football) is a coast-to-coast league playing a code of football similar to, but not the same, as American football (the NFL).

There are 9 teams from Vancouver to Montréal, in 2 conferences, East and West. Ontario has 3 teams (2014) and Alberta has 2 teams each.

De l'ouest a l'est== avec derniere Coupe Grey: == West to east Edit

BC Lions (2011) - Saskatchewan (Regina) (2007) - Edmonton Eskimos (2005) - Calgary Stampede (2008) - Winnipeg Blue Bombers (1990)

Hamilton Tiger-Cats (1999) - Toronto Argonauts (2012) - Ottawa RedBlacks (new from 2014) - Alouettes de Montreal (2010)

Comme on pourrait s'y attendre, les Argonautes ont eu le plus grand nombre de Coupes.

Winners this decade:Edit

2010 Alouettes de Montréal (le seul francophone):::::

2011 B.C. Lions (Vancouver):::::

2012 Toronto Argonauts (won at home at the Rogers Stadium):::::

2013 From June to November. (Due to rigours of Canadian climate - a cause des rigeurs du temps canadien!) Final: Regina ; Saskatchewan Roughriders 45 Hamilton Tiger-Cats 23.

2014 Calgary Stampede


Semi-finals Nov. 15th : BC Lions @ Calgary. Winner plays Edmonton for West title.

Toronto Argonauts @ Hamilton T-C. Winner plays Ottawa Red-Blacks (1st season!) for East title.

Winnipeg, Saskatchewan and Montreal failed to qualify.

The 2 Alberta teams had the best record, 14 to 4. So at least Mr Harper had something to cheer about.

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