Highway 3 is a major highway in British Columbia. It is the BC portion of the Crowsnest Highway (Which is designated Highway 3 for its entire length). The whole route through BC is 837km, and runs from Hope to the Alberta border. It is the shortest route to take from the Fraser Valley to southeastern Alberta.

Route DetailsEdit

The highway begins in Hope where it branches off from Highway 1 (the Trans-Canada Highway). It then goes east just a little ways to a junction with Highway 5. From here, it travels east about 130km through Allison Pass and Manning Park to Princeton.

Upon leaving Princeton, the Highway travels southeast through Hedley and Keremos, and a junction at Highway 3A, which leads to Penticton. Continuing southeast, the highway reaches Osoyoos and a junction with Highway 97.

From Osoyoos, the highway proceeds east to a junction with Highway 33 at Rock Creek, then to a junction with Highway 41 in Carson. Just east of Carson is Grand Forks, east of which the highway meets up with Highway 395 just south of Christina Lake.

Further east of Christina Lake, Highway 3 travels through Bonanza Pass to a junction with Highway 3B, which leads to Rossland. Heading east some more, the highway reaches Castlegar, and a junction with Highway 22. Also withing Castlegar, the highway reaches a junction with another stretch of Highway 3A. It then proceeds east out of Castlegar to a junction with Highway 3B. East of here, in Salmo, Highway 6 merges with Highway 3, and the two highways travel south to a junction known as the Burnt Flat Junction, where Highway 6 leaves and heads south.

From the junction, Highway 3 heads across Kootenay Pass, theough two junctions (Highway 21 and Highway 3A), to Creston. Highway 95 merges onto Highway 3 east of here, just south of Yahk. The two highways then travel together with a common alignment for about 75km along the Moyie River to a junction with Highway 95A in Cranbrook. Just east of here, Highway 95 leaves Highway 3 and heads north, while Highway 93 merges onto highway 3 from the north, and the two highways travel southeast to Elko, where Highway 93 leaves to the south. North of Elko, Highway 3 goes through Fernie en route to Sparwood, where it reaches a junction with Highway 43. It then travels east a little ways to the British Columbia-Alberta border at Crowsnest Pass.

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