Highway 20 (AKA the Chilcotin-Bella Coola Highway, or the Alexander Mackenzie Highway) is one of two main highways in the central interior of British Columbia (the other being the Yellowhead Highway). It is the only highway in BC that is not completely paved. One section, known as the hill or the precipice is notorious for being really dangerous or really scary. This section of the highway, between Anahim Lake and Bella Coola, has an elevation of 1487m. It is a steep, narrow section of the highway with unprotected cliffs and hundreds of foot drops on either side. In some places on the highway, the road is only wide enough for one vehicle, and many people who drove on this section refused to drive back, and had to be flown out of Bella Coola. For 9km, this section of the highway reaches grades of up to 18%!

Route DetailsEdit

Highway 20 starts in Williams Lake at its junction with Highway 97. It is 457km long, and extends all the way to Bella Coola.

From Williams Lake, it travels southwest a bit before crossing the Fraser River via the Sheep Creek Bridge. It then climbs up the Chilcotin Plateau. It passes through Riske Creek shortly after, and then continues west to Hanceville. It then goes northwest to Alexis Creek.

From Alexis Creek, Highway 20 continues northwest through Bull Canyon Provincial Park to Tatla Lake. From here, it goes northwest to Anahim Lake. After Anihim Lake, the highway goes across the dangerous section known as "The Hill". Along the hill, Highway 20 passes through Tweedsmuir South Provincial Park via Heckman Pass. At the end of The Hill, the Highway reaches Hagensborg, and then finally Bella Coola. Bella Coola has two ferries leaving from it. One goes to Ocean Falls, and the other goes to Namu.

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