Highway 16
Yellowhead Highway/Trans-Canada Highway

Total Length





Masset, at Hodges Avenue
Alberta, at AB 16

BC Highways

BC 15--------------------------BC 17

Trans-Canada Highway

MB 16---------------------------AB 16

Highway 16 is the British Columbia portion of the Yellowhead Highway. Although not part of the main route, Yellowhead was officially classified as part of the Trans-Canada Highway system.

Route DetailsEdit

Highway 16 through BC is 1,347km long, and goes all the way from the Haida Gwaii to the Alberta border.

It starts in the town of Masset on the north coast of Graham Island. It immediately goes south to the town of Port Clements. It then heads southeast along the southern border of Naikoon Provincial Park to Tlell. The highway then goes south through Skidegate to a ferry terminal, where it takes a 172km ferry route across the Hecate Strait to Prince Rupert. There is a short, alternate path that goes west from the ferry terminal to Queen Charlotte, then terminates, but the main route goes across the ferry.

From Prince Rupert, Highway 16 goes east along the Skeena River across the Coast Mountains to Terrace. Highway 37 merges onto Highway 16 from the south here, and the two highways travel together to Kitwanga, where Highway 37 diverges north. Highway 16 then continues its usual route northeast.

The highway will travel through Kitseguecla on its way to Hazelton, where it turns southeast. It then goes in this direction through Smithers, Telkwa, and Houston, where it turns northeast along the Bulkley River.

From Houston, the highway travels northeast to a junction with Highway 35 in Burns Lake. It then goes east through Fraser Lake to a junction with Highway 27 in Vanderhoof. East of here about 100km, Highway 16 reaches Prince George and a junction with Highway 97.

East of Prince George, Highway 16 passes through Dome Creek, where it turns southeast along the Fraser River. It follows the river to McBride, and then to Tête Jaune Cache and a junction with Highway 5. It then continues east for the final stretch through Mount Robson Provincial Park to the British Columbia-Alberta border.


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