Highway 10 is a minor highway located in Metro Vancouver. It goes from Delta to Langley, and its main purpose is easy access from Hope to areas like the airport in Richmond or the ferry terminal in Tsawwassen.

Route DetailsEdit

Highway 10 is 26km long. It starts at a junction with Highway 91 in Delta, and goes east along 58th Avenue into Surrey.

East of Scott Road, Highway 10 reaches an inyersection with the British Columbia Highway 99A|King George Highway]], and turns onto 56th Avenue. East of that junction, the highway comes to a junction with Highway 15 in Cloverdale. East of this junction, highway 10 reaches the Langley Bypass at 192nd Street, and then crosses from Surrey into Langley just east of here, and then meets the Fraser Highway just east of the entrance into Langley.

Just east of the Fraser Highway, Highway 10 turns northwest onto Glover Road. It travels along this road for about 3km, and then turns east onto Springbrook Road. The highway then goes east to 232nd Street, where it turns north to its ending at a junction with Highway 1.

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