Banff National Park was the oldest and most famous park in Canada. Located just west of Alberta in the Rocky Mountains. First started by 3 young railway workers prospecting the place when they came across a basin pool and saw a mysterious hole beside the pool. The goverment were told and put it as a reserved area (which later grew and became Banff National Park).


Banff Park was not very big compared to Jasper National Park but more visitors visited the Park than Jasper, which is about 4.7 million visitors a year, annually! It about 47 popular trails.

To go there you take Trans Canada Highway (Highway 1) and drive until you go to the sigh which says Welcome to Banff National Park and your there! If your live in Calgary you can be in Banff Park in 1 hr 7 minutes since the distance is 101 km(63 miles). The park is located 399 kilometers(249 miles) away from Edmonton, Alberta and driving time is 4 hours 9 minutes via Calgary, Alberta and the Trans-Canada Highway.


When you are there fun will never leave your mind.

If you want to make your day at Banff National Park you can do it in the following.

First you wake up at early hours in the mourning to eat breakfast. After that pack your things up (including your lunch) go head for the trails. Note: It is better to walk in the trails in the mourning because the evil crowd are not in the way and you can enjoy peace and quiet. Then after the walking done on the trails go sit back and eat your lunch and enjoy the nature. After eating lunch go back Banff and spend the whole afternoon hours going on Banff activities. If you want you can go to Lake Louis and go canoeing and paddling. After that, at the evening hours you can enjoy supper at one of Banff's resturant or you can go to Canada's highest resturant at Sulphur Mountain. Last of all, to end the day (like all visitors do at their hotels) is sleep.


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